Harnessing Creativity for Social Impact and Fighting Poverty With Loye

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Jos, 28th February – Day 2 of the Incredible Music Festival (IMF) saw a thought-provoking panel discussion on the power of artists to drive social change, spotlighting emerging singer and songwriter Loye, whose passion for poverty eradication took centre stage.   In conversation with accomplished journalist Na’omi Kareem, Loye shared insights into his journey from humble beginnings in the slums of Kaduna to becoming a rising star in the music industry. The panel discussion delved into Loye’s motivations for supporting the cause of poverty eradication and explored how other creatives could leverage their skills and influence to tackle social issues.   “I’ve seen firsthand the struggles of poverty, and I believe it’s my responsibility to use my platform for good,” shared Loye. “I have always admired how artists like Micheal Jackson and Bob Marley used their brand and art to push for social change and this inspired me to harness the power of my creativity for positive change in society.”   The discussion was punctuated by a poignant documentary that followed Loye’s journey from the streets of Kaduna to Lagos in pursuit of his dreams. Through his personal story, Loye highlighted the importance of providing opportunities to break the cycle of poverty for disadvantaged children and families

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