Hi, I am Loye

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Hi, I’m Loye – and I want to make you feel yellow with my music.  I was born somewhere in Kaduna in 1999 (it’s in northern Nigeria if you aren’t familiar with our geography)… My best friend growing up was the radio, and by 7, I was stealing my father’s flashlight to write music at night while others slept. He kept blaming Tiger batteries for being weak because I would exhaust them. Flash forward to 2023, my best friend plays the guitar and I can stay up as long as I want with the lights on writing songs. Not much has changed in me, just so much around me. This music sent me running away from home, and sent me to bars a boy my age had no business in. But it also brought me to Lagos with a record deal.  I am Happy – I hope you are too.  Signed with 💜   Loye The Wanted King

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